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Spot the Difference – Science in 1/2

Spot the Difference – Science in 1/2

This term, in our integrated unit Spot the Difference, the 1/2’s are learning all about the ways in which heating and cooling can impact on or change different substances.

We will be learning about the properties of different objects, and exploring how these properties change when we change the object.

This week, students investigated what happens to an ice cube when it’s exposed to heat.

Students first came up with different ways they could melt the ice cubes. They then worked in teams to make predictions about which methods would melt the ice cubes the fastest, and which would melt them the slowest.

After recording their predictions, the teams decided which member would test which method. Students got into groups to test each method.

Students recorded their results and at the end, groups discussed whether their predictions were accurate, and possible reasons for their results.

We had a lot of fun doing our melting ice experiment, even though the ice was very cold!


outside in sunM

These students tested the method of putting the ice cubes outside in the sun.


in handsM

These students tested the method of holding the ice cubes in their hands.


in cool waterM

These students tested the method of putting the ice cubes into cool water.


on tonguesM

These students tested the method of putting the ice cubes on their tongues!

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Coding with Robot Cars in 1/2!

Coding with Robot Cars in 1/2!

Today the grade 1/2s had an amazing time in their ICT/coding sessions!




We got to use a robot car with a camera and virtual reality (VR) goggles!






Students got to wear the VR goggles to ‘look through’ the camera which was attached to the robot car. This was very fun!






We saw how Mr Ric used mBlock (which is programming software on Scratch) to program the robot to move its wheels and flash the message ‘hi’.






We can’t wait to learn more about robots and how to program them!

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Throwback to Grandparent’s and Special Friend’s Day!

Throwback to Grandparent’s and Special Friend’s Day!

Throwback to Grandparent’s and Special Friend’s Day in 1/2B!

And what a beautiful day it was!












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State Schools Spectacular

State Schools Spectacular

This year’s State Schools Spectacular, ‘With the Beat’, is fast approaching!

Belle Vue senior choir students have been practising hard at home and at school. Recently, we headed to the Town Hall in the city for the first ‘mass choir’ rehearsal, with all of the other primary school choirs.




It was very exciting and was great to hear the different parts come together.

The Belle Vue students were beautifully behaved and super focused ALL day (and it was a loooonngg day!).




We can’t wait for the next ‘mass choir’ rehearsal, where we get to hear the amazing senior school soloists sing!

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Programming and Robotics

Programming and Robotics

Throughout the year, students in year 5/6 have been lucky enough to work directly with our computer technician Ric, building up their understanding and skills in programming and robotics.




The learning started with students using computer programs and resources such as excel, flash, scratch and brainpop (blockly maze), to learn the basics of programming.






Students have since worked in teams to manually put their robot cars together. They are now learning about how the robots work and how they will provide their robots with the set of instructions they will need to perform particular tasks.




The next step is for students to start writing the codes and seeing the results in their moving robot cars!






Our students (and teachers!) have already learnt a lot from Ric, and we are excited to continue learning in this incredibly important area of education.




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Maths in Year 5/6

Maths in Year 5/6

In grade 5/6 at Belle Vue, we try to make maths as hands-on and realistic as possible. It’s important that students learn by doing and can see the connections between what they are learning and the real world.




Above are some of our students measuring the distance their paper planes traveled in order to record data, make graphs and calculate range.


Kyra Marcello M


We recently completed a unit on mapping and location, where students used a map of the school to write directions for a partner to follow. They had to use a grid reference, scale and compass or the Cartesian plane to accurately direct their partner around the school grounds.




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Belle Vue’s Upcycling Competition!

Belle Vue’s Upcycling Competition!





On the 1st June, Belle Vue held its inaugural Upcycling Competition. We wanted to help students (and families) ‘rethink’ what they would normally do with their various discarded materials (throw out, recycle or CREATE!), as well as see how creative they could be when ‘reusing’ their waste.






Students across prep to grade 6 were asked to find materials at home that would have otherwise been thrown out or recycled, and use them to create something new.




There were two categories that students could choose from: make something that can be worn, or something that can be used.






A huge number of students participated in our competition, and their effort and creativity was outstanding!





Well done to all students (and families) who got involved!









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Multicultural Day Aboriginal Dreaming

Multicultural Day Aboriginal Dreaming

Earlier this year, Belle Vue celebrated our amazing diversity of cultures with our annual Multicultural Day!




Students got to participate in a variety of activities with a focus on different cultures. In one of the activities that the grade 5/6’s participated in, they learnt a bit about the Aboriginal people’s Dreaming.




After students shared what they already knew with each other, they watched a video that showed the journey of the Dreaming; from the spirit of all life, to humans.




The students found it really interesting to learn about Aboriginal people’s different beliefs.




Students were then asked to represent a part of this Dreaming in drawings. All the 5/6 students contributed to one large shared drawing, working together and joining their drawings to each others’.



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First Aid

First Aid

Recently all students at Belle Vue participated in the First Aid Schools Program provided by St John Ambulance Australia.




Our grade 5/6 students learnt the basics of first aid including DRSABCD, putting someone in the recovery position and CPR.




The grade 5/6s took a lot of new information away from the session, as well as some confidence that they could be helpful in the unlikely event of an emergency.



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Grade 5/6’s Camp in Canberra!

Grade 5/6’s Camp in Canberra!






Recently, the grade 5/6s travelled to Canberra for our camp. We visited some really enjoyable and interesting places, like the Australian War Memorial, Questacon, the Australian Institute of Sport, Parliament House, the National Portrait Gallery, the National Capital Exhibition, the National Museum of Australia and the High Court of Australia.







We got to see where Politicians work (including inside the Speaker’s office!), practised our own election, got a bill through the House of Representatives, had a go at being portrait artists, tried many different science experiments, watched the journey our country has taken over 40,000 years, made national buildings out of lego, saw world class athletes training, heard how the judicial system works, smelt what it was like living on a submarine and commemorated a fallen soldier.







We now know so much more about our country’s past and present, how we came to be the nation we are today, and how our Democratic system works.





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