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Level 1

Level 1

Welcome to your child’s first year at school.

Our Foundation class is located in the new BER building. Our teachers work closely together to provide a safe and stimulating environment in which your children can feel happy and secure.
The implementation of the You Can Do It! program across the curriculum ensures our students are able to develop into confident, persistent, resilient, organised and friendly lifelong learners.


The Foundation year is a busy one. Our students participate in Physical Education, LOTE – Italian, Library, Visual Arts and Music classes each week.
Foundation students also participate in a range of annual events across the school including our Mid-Year Concert, Cross Country, Multicultural Day and Swimming.
Our Foundation/Year 5 buddy program is also a highlight for our students and develops close bonds between our students, which for some children last many years after school.


Reading, writing, spelling and speaking & listening are based upon the Early Years Literacy program. Students participate in an uninterrupted 2-hour block each morning in order to develop the fundamental skills in the above areas. Reading with parents in the first 15 minutes of each day is a favourite activity for many Foundation students.


Mathematics has a very ‘hands-on’ approach in Foundation. We learn about space, chance & data, measurement and number through a variety of interactive activities and games in which we practice skills that we will use throughout life. Problem solving and understanding strategies are also practiced here.


Integrated Studies topics link our learning to the world around us. Our topics rotate through a 3-year cycle, incorporating Level 2 in our school. Our students learn through an investigative model where they can make observations and predictions, research, draw conclusions and develop a variety of higher order thinking skills. Our Integrated topics for 2014 are:


  • Me & My Community
  • Celebrations Around The World
  • Plants In Action
  • Toys In A Material World


Across all of these curriculum areas we regularly monitor and assess the progress of our students. We modify and alter our curriculum in order to ensure we are meeting the needs of each and every one of our students.


We look forward to working together with you to ensure that your child has the best possible start to their schooling at Belle Vue Primary School.

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Level 2

Level 2

In Years 1 & 2 (VELS Level 2) we aim to provide students with a safe, happy and supportive learning environment in which they can reach their maximum potential.

The focus of our curriculum is to consolidate and build on the foundations of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills using various text types such as narrative, recount, procedural and persuasive, to name a few. The four features that are key to improving writing in the primary age range are Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation (V.C.O.P.). Throughout the school week, children developtheir writing and editing skills with a focus on V.C.O.P.  

Students further develop their basic understanding of numerals and numbers systems. With emphasis on a hands on approach, areas covered in Numeracy at Level 2 are; Number, Space, Measurement, Chance and Data and Working Mathematically. Students work in pairs, co-operative groups and as a whole class to develop skills and understandings over many projects.

Computers and digital learning technologies are used daily to enhance learning and provide a different medium in which to learn at Level 2.

As part of the school camps program, students in level 2 are offered the opportunity to sleep over for one night at school in Term 4. This promotes their readiness for attending camp in further years.

The Integrated Units covered throughout Level 2 are:

  • Under the Sea
  • Minibeasts
  • My Family and Me
  • Fairytales
  • Olympics
  • Transport
  • Space
  • Dinosaurs
  • Plants
  • Toys
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New Website

New Website

About this New Website

Our new website is the result of many hours of planning, programming, design and photographic work, but more importantly, the result of  years watching closely and evaluating the needs of our school community.
BVPS has, among other virtues, a special bond between families, students and staff.  A camaraderie that it is its signature, noticeable as soon as you walk in.
The new site was planned as the focal point for our students’ efforts and learning progress, a place to show off their work proudly and prominently.
Through the use of modern technologies, we hope to showcase the student ingenuity, curiosity and dedication. We will experiment with Video Channels, Audio Podcasts, Blogging, Comment Forms, Photography and Document Management.
These are just a few tools at our disposal now, but this site is designed to grow, it is compatible with all major browsers and uses Web Standards as much as possible.
This site will be monitored daily and your questions and comments will be answered promptly.
Please be patient if you see  “coming soon” messages, it is necessary to present the site skeleton like a container for our staff to begin filling and owning the many areas, so very shortly all these areas will be filled with fresh content.
So stay tuned!

Ric Zalewski

Web Development & Training

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